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Course Overview


The training  course focuses on how line leaders can add value to the organization by effectively managing the human capital. Participants will learn from experienced HR professionals and line leaders on key areas  that are increasingly devolved to the line manager   and  where the line manager has the greatest  impact  on employee productivity.


By the end of this training course participants will acquire  knowledge, skills  and techniques in the following ;

  • Employee engagement   -  Identify   the  benefits  of a  highly engaged workforce  and  the line managers  role.
  • Talent  Management  -  Recognize the business case for talent management, succession planning  and the line managers’ role.
  • Employee  development  - Identify  development  needs  of their  team    and prioritize  critical  areas for  development nt. 
  • Diversity   -  Promote  a culture which values peoples' difference.
  • Develop an  action plan  for  implementation   post the  training.




Suitable for managers who have people management responsibilities and who aspire to be great line leaders.



2 days


Employee Engagement - Establish the  reasons  why the best people choose to  work for an organization, the benefits of an engaged workforce and  the role of a line leader  in creating a great place to work.

Talent management   -   definition , concept & business case , key aspects of a robust talent management policy, succession planning and the role of a line leader in talent management .

Employee  development–   Develop  an employee  development plan  based  on performance needs  and  career  plans.

Development  and  career  discussion  -  How to  prepare   for  and manage   a  development discussion with  their  team   members  providing  guidance  on  development 

Diversity -  definition of  diversity, promoting a culture which values differences,  harassment  and bullying, the role  of a  line leaders  in promoting  diversity.

Action  planning– Identify  3  to 4  main  areas  of  action and prepare  an action  plan.