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Course Overview

The Leadership fundamentals provides an excellent foundation in all of the skills and behaviors required to be an effective leaders.

The program focuses on making the transition from individual  contributor to  managing  people.

The training  course builds the capability of a leaders  to achieve  results  through others.


By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the qualities of an effective leader and  benchmark themselves against those qualities.
  • Explain the difference between leading and managing.
  • Identify  their  preferred   leadership  style and  adapt  an effective style  depending  on the  situation.
  • Understand the  principles   of  motivation and  how it  impacts on performance.
  • Increase job satisfaction and work output through coaching.
  • Delegate and empower the  team.
  • Communicate  effectively  with the team.
  • Handle   discipline  and  manage  conflict .
  • Develop an  action plan  for  implementation   post the  training.

Achieving Results Through Others



This course will benefit anyone who manages people, in particular:


  • Team leaders.
  • New managers.
  • Employees looking to progress into management positions.



2  days




Qualities of an Effective Leader :  Identify the key characteristics of effective leaders, rate yourself  against them and establish key actions to develop the skills.


Leadership  styles: Identify your preferred  leadership  style  and  adapt your  style  to work  situations.


Team Leadership : Learn to motivate and inspire teams . Examine different  motivators for individuals and  why  everyone is motivated by different things.  


Dealing With Difficult Team Members  : Understand why  some team members are difficult. Examine different behaviour types and strategies for responding to them.


Task Leadership : Ensure the job gets done by being instrumental in setting  and monitoring  goals   for the team.


The Manager as Coach : A look at the role of the manager and how coaching fits into this.


Delegation : Use delegation for effective employee development, time management and motivation.


Communication : Examine the  5 level  model of  communication.


Giving  feedback : Explore the  techniques  for   giving  and  receiving   constructive feedback.


Methods of managing conflict - Explore the methods  to manage  and  resolve conflict.


Discipline  : understanding of what discipline and grievance means and what procedures should look like.  knowledge of the law surrounding the handling of Discipline and Grievance in the workplace.


Action  planning :   Identify  3  to 4  main  areas  of  action and prepare  a  development  plan