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Course Overview

The performance management training is designed to help managers unlock the potential of their team based on the principle that everyone is capable of exceptional effort, productivity, output, and performance and that the role of the manager is helping people to do a great job.

The training focuses on the skills required to effectively manage performance of team members, develop their skills and ensure they feel inspired to succeed.


At the end of this managing performance training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand their role in managing the performance of their team.
  • Manage  the key stages in the performance management process.
  • Use the performance management skills and techniques to create a  high performance team.
  • Develop techniques to address poor performance, develop average performers and guide high performers.
  • Review the challenges that face them within their specific team.
  • Develop an  action plan  for  implementation   post the  training.




The performance management training is aimed at individuals in line management who have a responsibility for managing performance and who wish to deliver great results through their teams.




1 or  2 days


The  2 day course has  more  practice 


Sessions  than the one  day  course. 



What is Performance Management? - Developing an understanding of what Performance Management is and how to embed it into the culture of the organization.


The Performance Management Cycle - Showing that Performance Management is a cyclical process and demonstrating the requirements at each stage, including the need for ongoing reviews.


CSMART objectives   -   ensuring that objectives are clearly defined  and setting performance  standards / requirements.


Performance Reviews - Taking delegates through a six-stage process  and opportunity to practice.


'DESC' Model - Provision of a communication model that assists participants with structuring conversations around performance issues.


Performance Conversations - A practical activity following theoretical set-up that allows participants to practice and review the skills of effective performance communication.


Using the GROW Model to Joint Problem Solve - Looking at the GROW framework from a Performance Management perspective and providing specific questions to aid the process.


Managing Poor Performance-  Dealing with Poor Performance.

Developing Average Performers - Knowing values and motivators, what drives performers and how to get the best out of their performance whilst still encouraging them.


Guiding High Performers - Establishing boundaries, creating opportunities, giving feedback and knowing when to praise.


Ten Ways to Improve Your Team Performance - Tips for analysis and Review. How can we implement these in the workplace?

Action  planning– Identify  3  to 4  main  areas  of  action and prepare  an action  plan