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Course Overview

This program has been specifically designed to  equip  HR professionals with a  set  of competencies to deliver the results the organizations are looking for.  It will enable  participants to action new initiatives and approaches that leverage the business strategy and talent. The program focuses on key themes  that  will make  HR an  invaluable asset to the business and  HR professionals   to reach  their  full potential as a  strategic business partner. 

The training will equip HR professionals with the vital components necessary to strengthen their operating style and apply a practical client centered approach to their activities.




At the end of this  training ,participants will  acquire skills  on  what it  takes to be a strategic  HR professional  and will be  able to;


  • Take a strategic approach to human resource management.
  • Align  HR strategy to business   strategy.
  • Improve skills to identify where and how HR can powerfully affect the development and execution of strategy.
  • Enhance organizational flexibility and create competitive advantage through strategic human resource management.
  • Operate as a ‘strategic partner’, helping their organization to analyze its external environment and internal capabilities and develop a strategic HR plan to enhance its  long-run performance.
  • Enhance  competencies  to make strategic human resource management
  • Develop an  action plan  for  implementation   post the  training.



HR professionals who want to add value to the business  and be a high performing member of their senior management team, including : HR managers,  HR business partners and 

HR specialists.



2 days



  • What  is Strategic  Human  Resource Management.
  • Business  trends  that   are  changing  human   resource  management   today.
  • Emerging strategic challenges in HRM in an increasingly dynamic and complex  business environment.
  • How   does  HR  respond  to these  trends  in order  to remain relevant  and add   value  to the  organization.
  • Translating Business strategies into HR priorities.
  • Overview  of the Top  strategic  HR  issues   globally and   East Africa in particular including;

    Employee  engagement

    Talent  management

    Competence  development

    Competence  based  selection

    Reward system
    Human resource optimization 

    Workforce planning  and HR metrics
  • Human resource Optimization as a  key  strategy  in  delivering  organizational  goals.
  • HR  Delivery  model  -  What is  an effective  delivery  model  and   what are the  challenges.
  • Critical HR skills   for success   in the  changing  environment  - six competence domains to be an effective HR professional.
  • Action  planning– Identify  3  to 4  main  areas  of  action and prepare  an action  plan.